Form field types

Welcome to Formape! This guide will help you to know about each field types available in FormApe. When you plan to create a form, the first thing you should plan for is the list of fields. Fields are the fundamental building blocks of a form.

We keep adding field types with every release of the software. If you need a field type, please send us a feature request and we will look into it immediately.

Text field

Use text field for single-line text input, such as names or short descriptions. Ideal for brief information entries.

Form text field
Text field form field type


Use email field type to get email addresses. This field validates and formats the input as an email address. All information stored in FormApe database is encrypted. All your information is private and secure. FormApe is a privacy centric, security sensitive software.

Form email field
Email form field type


Textarea field is a multi-line text input field, perfect for longer text entries like comments or messages.

Form textarea field
Textarea form field type


Phone number field formats and validates the input as a telephone number. Suitable for collecting contact numbers.

Form telephone field
Telephone form field type


Link field accepts URLs, validating and formatting them correctly. Use this to gather website addresses like

Form link field
Link form field type


Number field allows only numeric input. Can be used for quantities, measurements, or any numerical data.

Form number field
Number form field type

Selectbox (Dropdown)

Dropdown field is for selecting a single option from a predefined list. Ideal for categorized choices.

Form select box field
Selectbox form field type

Multi select

Multi select field is similar to the select box but allows multiple selections. Useful for scenarios where multiple options apply. For example to input languages known.

Form multi select field
Multi select form field type


Checkbox field provides a group of checkboxes for boolean choices, such as agreeing to terms and conditions or mode of transport to office.

Form check box field
Checkbox form field type


Radio field is a set of radio buttons for selecting one option from multiple choices. Best for mutually exclusive options.

Form radio field
Radio form field type


Date field is a date picker that formats input as a date. Perfect for collecting date-specific information.

Form date field
Date form field type


Time field is a time picker that formats input as a time. Ideal for time-specific entries.

Form time field
Time form field type

File upload

File upload field allows users to upload files. Useful for collecting documents, images, or other file types.

  1. Label: Provides a descriptive name for the file upload field.
  2. Required: Makes the file upload mandatory if toggled on.
  3. Max size (MB): Sets the maximum allowable file size in megabytes.
  4. Max count: Specifies the maximum number of files that can be uploaded.
  5. Allowed types: Limits the types of files that can be uploaded by specifying acceptable file extensions (e.g., png, jpg, jpeg, pdf).
Form file upload field
File upload form field type


Rating field, typically represented with stars , thumbs-up or heart. Good for gathering user feedback or reviews.

Form rating field
Rating form field type

Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptchas field adds a CAPTCHA to the form to prevent spam submissions. Essential for security to block automated bots in entering data.

Form google recaptcha field
Google reCaptcha form field type

GDPR consent

A checkbox specifically for GDPR compliance. Use this to ensure user consent for data processing.

Form gdpra field
Gdpr form field type


Displays static text or instructions within the form. Useful for guiding users.

Form label field
Label form field type


Adds a heading or title to sections of the form. Helps in organizing the form content.

  1. Heading (h1): Adds a primary heading or title to sections of the form. Use this for main section titles.
  2. Heading (h2): Adds a secondary heading. Suitable for subsections under primary headings.
  3. Heading (h3): Adds a tertiary heading. Ideal for smaller subsections within h2 sections.
  4. Heading (h4): Adds a quaternary heading. Best for detailed subsections within h3 sections.
Form heading field
Heading form field type

Horizontal rule

Inserts a horizontal line to separate sections within the form. Improves form readability.

Form rule field
Horizontal rule form field type

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