Rating field

The rating field in FormApe allows users to provide feedback or reviews using a visual rating system, typically represented with stars, thumbs-up, or hearts. This feature is ideal for gathering qualitative data on user satisfaction, product reviews, service feedback, and more.

How to use the rating field

Access the rating field

Rating field
Rating form field

Navigate to the form where the rating field is located. This field will display the rating symbols (e.g., stars, thumbs-up, hearts) for users to interact with.

Providing a rating

Click on the desired rating symbol to select your rating. For example, if the field uses stars and you want to give a rating of 4 out of 5, click on the fourth star.

The selected rating will be highlighted, indicating your chosen rating value.

Field customization options

The label provides a descriptive name for the rating field. Click on the label text to modify it and type in a new descriptive name. For example, "Product Satisfaction" or "Service Quality".

Toggle the "Required" switch to make the rating mandatory. When enabled, users must provide a rating to submit the form.

Rating symbols

Rating field option
Rating form field option

Choose the type of symbols you want to use for the rating system. Options typically include stars, thumbs-up, or hearts.

Rating live
Rating live form

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