Multi select field

Multi-select dropdown fields in FormApe allow users to select multiple options from a list. This feature is useful when you need respondents to choose more than one option from a set of choices.

How to create a multi-select dropdown field

Choose an existing or create a new form.

Click on the option to add a field.

Select a Multi select option

Choose a Multi select option from the dropdown menu.

Choose multi-select dropdown option
Choose multi select dropdown option

Configure the multi-select field

  • label: Enter a descriptive label for the dropdown field. Example: "Select Interests"
  • required: Toggle to make the field required, if necessary.
Configure multi select field option
Configure multi select field option

Create options for multi-select dropdown

Enter the list of options that users can choose from. Separate each option with commas.

Example: "Sports, Music, Reading, Travel, Cooking"

Confirm that each option is clear and relevant to the context of your form.

Create multi select options
Create multi select options

Display multi-select dropdown options in the form

Once you complete, publish the form it to make it accessible to users.

Sample multi select field form
Sample multi select field form

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