Terms of Service

This page explains the terms of use of FormApe and last modified on 14 January 2024.

  1. We welcome you to have a productive experience by using FormApe.
  2. The complete FormApe, including the website, design, graphic elements, illustrations, images, code and related material are protected under international copyright law. It should not be copied, scanned, reproduced, printed, distributed, broadcasted, published, translated, transmitted, abridged without prior written consent from FormApe.
  3. Your use of FormApe is governed by rules listed in this “Terms” and “Privacy“ pages. If by any chance you do not agree to any conditions in either of the pages, then we would sadly request you not to use FormApe. We would also encourage you to contact us for any questions you have.
  4. Sign up requires an email. A paid account membership requires payment processing via a payment gateway. Apart from this, you can choose to be anonymous.
  5. You can choose to close the account anytime you wish. Also, you can ask us to hard delete all your data.
  6. The amount for paid account varies based on the license type you choose. Other than the recurring fee, there is no other charges involved. The price is inclusive of all charges. If there is any tax you are liable to pay according to your jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to take care of it within your limit.
  7. We will never read the data you add in the application under any circumstances. We will not share or show to other users or any third-parties. It will be always private to you.
  8. We will backup your data in a periodical interval as part of our business continuity plan. The backups will be safe guarded with at most physical and logical security sense.
  9. Your usage of FormApe is expected to be fair and abide by the terms of use, agree the privacy policy and honor the license agreement. If we find that you are acting contrary, then we reserve the right to terminate and prohibit you to use FormApe. If in case, you are debarred once then you shall not attempt to use or sign up again at FormApe.
  10. FormApe strives hard to make the service available 24 hours a day. Sometimes, there are factors that is beyond our control and there is a possibility of a down time. You agree that you accept the downtime. If you incur any loss due to the downtime, FormApe is not liable for that. If there is a significant down time, we will explain you the reason and action taken to prevent it in the future.
  11. We reserve the right to block users and transaction from certain countries, if we are not able to make or receive payments or due to other sanctions.
  12. By making a sign up you are not becoming a partner or joint venture or employment or any other relationship with FormApe.
  13. You are not expected to improperly use the FormApe website by circumnavigating the authentication, authorization, by automatic means through code, subject it to extreme conditions like penetration or load testing, use it via a tool other than a standard browser.
  14. Through FormApe there are places you can interact, discuss by posting content. Example are document storage functionality or a support area. You agree not to add or publish content that is,
    1. abusive, stalking, defamatory, harassing, racially offensive, violent, vulgar, pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene;
    2. an invasion of right of privacy of another person;
    3. stolen, conspiracy to commit criminal activity, drug dealing;
    4. violation of copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property rights;
    5. advertising content, business related, marketing content, donation request
    6. a virus, any harmful content, spam, troll
  15. You should not add data like malicious code, that could harm other users.
  16. If you find a bug, please report to us in private.
  17. We wish you a happy stay. Our intent is to help you be productive and increase your business. Support is our speciality, please contact us for any queries you have.