Number field

In FormApe, the number field is an important feature that enables users to collect numeric data from respondents. 

This can include data such as age, quantity, price, scores, or any other type of numerical input.

Create a number field

Accessing the field

Choose an existing or create a new form where you want to add the number field.

Click on the option to add a new field.

Select the "Number" option from the dropdown menu.

Choose number field option
Choose number field option

Configuring the Number Field

The number field is specifically designed to allow only numeric inputs. 

Type a clear and descriptive label for the field. For example, "Age," "Quantity," or "Number of Items."

Toggle the switch to make the field required.

Configure of number field
Configuration of number field

Sample number field form

Click "Publish" to make the form available to users.

The number field allows only numeric inputs.

Sample number field form
Sample number field form

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