Radio field

The radio field allows users to create a set of mutually exclusive options where only one option can be selected at a time. This is useful for questions where a single choice is required.

Adding a radio field

Accessing the field

In the FormApe application, navigate to the form where you want to add the radio field.

Click on the "+" icon or the relevant section to add a new field.

Selecting the radio field

Radio field
Radio form field

From the dropdown menu, select "Radio".

Configuring the radio field

Radio field option
Radio form field option

Enter the question or prompt in the label text box.

Toggle the switch if you want to make this field mandatory. Users won't be able to submit the form without selecting an option.

Enter the choices for the radio buttons in the "Options *" text box. Separate each option with a comma (e.g., option 1, option 2, option 3).

Radio fields work best with a limited number of choices (typically 2-5 options).

Radio live
Radio field live form

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