Text field

Manual to add a Text field in a form. Text fields are the basic building blocks for capturing textual data. It is used for getting small one line text. Navigate to the editor and open your form.

Open the field options

Form text field
Text field type 
  • Press the enter key: This will open the field options dropdown.
  • Press the "o" button: This will also bring up the field options.

From the dropdown menu that appears and select the "text" field.Once the text field is selected, it will be added to your form.

Name your textfield

Clear the existing "Label" text and type your desired name for the text field. This name is typically what will appear as a label beside the field.

Text field add name
Add a field name

Text fields can be customized 

Required field

Enabling a text field as required ensures that users must provide input before submitting the form. 

Text required field
Enabling the required field

Once the button is clicked, it will be added in your text field.

Min and Max length

Setting minimum and maximum length constraints that helps control the amount of text a user can enter. 

Text field min length
Giving minimum length to the text field
Text field maximum length
Giving maximum length to the text field

Placeholder text

Placeholder text provides a hint or example of what should be entered into the field, guiding users on the expected input format.

Text field placeholder
Add a placeholder to the text field

Sample text field live form

These are the steps to create text fields in a form using FormApe.

Success live page
Live success form

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