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  11. External integrations with Google sheets and more.
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I help my parents manage their website for our small, family owned bakery and have been using the Iris contact form for years now without a hitch. No spam issues and I have not had to even think about it since I installed it. Recently, we incorporated an online cake order form and Vincy set me up through FormApe and I couldn't be happier. She helped me every step of the way and the new, code-free way to edit the form couldn't be easier to manage. I would absolutely recommend FormApe to anyone looking for a stress free, easy to manage online form solution.
Luke Stott - Owner
BearClaw Bakery and Cafe (
California, United States of America.
I never see so much love in a product. Everything is optimized for the user and it is so easy to change it in your PERFECT form. I test everything and every single thing worked perfectly. It's such amazing, everything is amazing. The integration in my website was so easy I don't need minutes I only need seconds, because it was possible to integrate it everywhere in my code... The world is rough and GDPR is inevitable, but no problem with FormApe you got your GDPR option as a feature! And one of the best things: FormApe is absolutely Spam-free with the reCAPTCHA feature! GREAT! :D ...The love ends not by the product, the support of Vincy is so great, quick and simply to understand that you don't lost time, even if you got a few questions. 10★ / 10★ for form and 10★ / 10★ for Vincy! Thank you, Vincy! ...for the best form!
Gerrit Dursch - Managing Director
Masters At Pixel (
Hamburg, Germany.
My client websites got over 300 spam emails daily. I tried Google ReCaptcha 3 and that didn't work on low traffic sites. ReCaptcha 2 didn't stop all the spam either. I looked at many options. In the end I used FormApe with its Google ReCaptcha feature. The FormApe has completely stopped the spam. I've had NO spam thereafter. It is by far the most cost-effective solution. In addition, Vincy followed up on all emails I sent and has provided great customer support!
Delwin Holeman - Owner
Rocquett Websites LLC (
Georgia, United States.

"If something requires a large investment of time — or looks like it will — it's less likely to be used."

by Steve Krug, in the book, Don't Make Me Think - Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability