Time field

The Time Field allows users to input a specific time. This is useful for forms where the time of an event or activity needs to be recorded, such as arrival times, meeting times, or other time-specific data entries.

Adding a time field

Adding a time field

Time field
Time form field

In the FormApe application, navigate to the form where you want to add the time field.

Click on the + icon to add a new field.

In the field type dropdown, select Time. The new time field will be added to your form.

Configuring the time field

Enter a descriptive label for the field. For example, "Arriving Time."

Toggle the switch if you want to make this field mandatory. When enabled, users must fill in this field to submit the form.

Using the time field

Users will see a time input field in the form. They can click on the field to bring up a time selector or manually enter the time in the format supported by the application.

Ensure that the time format is consistent with your form’s requirements (e.g., HH AM/PM).

Time live
Time field live form

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