Dropdown field

Dropdown fields are a versatile and user-friendly way to collect specific types of information in your forms.

In FormApe, the dropdown field allows you to present users with a list of predefined options, from which they can select a single choice.

How to create a Dropdown Field?

Choose an existing or create a new form.

Click on the option to add a field.

Select a dropdown option

Choose a Selectbox option from the dropdown menu.

Choose dropdown field option
Choose dropdown field option

Configure the dropdown field

  • label: Enter a descriptive label for the dropdown field. This label will indicate to users what the dropdown field is for (e.g., "Select Country," "Choose Department").
  • required: If the field is required, toggle the switch to make the field mandatory.
Configure dropdown field
Configure dropdown field

Create options for dropdown

Enter the list of options that will appear in the dropdown menu. Options are entered in a comma-separated format.

Example: "Option 1, Option 2, Option 3"

Confirm that each option is clear and relevant to the context of your form.

Create dropdown options
Create dropdown options

Display dropdown options in the form

Once you completed, publish the form it to make it accessible to users.

Sample select dropdown field form
Sample select dropdown field form

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