How to view form responses

Viewing form responses in FormApe is a straightforward process that allows you to access, manage, and analyze the data collected through your forms.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can efficiently navigate the FormApe interface to view individual responses, filter data, and export responses for further analysis.

Create a form to view response

Before viewing the response, choose an existing form or create a new one.

After creating a form click the Publish button to make your form live.

Copy the URL or embed code to share it with your customers.

How to view form responses

After your form has been published and the responses have started to come in, you can view and manage the responses.

Access the particular form responses list

Find the form for which you want to view responses and click on it to open the form editor page.

In the header, locate the responses label in the right corner.

Response list link
Access response link

Click on this option to see a list of all submissions.

Response list
Response list

Access the responses list for all forms

In the header, right corner profile icon is there. Its have more menus. On the menus choose the My Forms option.

All forms list
All forms list

Click and view the all forms list.

Each form has a response link click and access the form submissions.

All forms responses list
All forms list

View the responses

The above two ways are used to reach the responses list.

You can click on each submission to view the detailed responses for each form entry.

Response view
View response

Managing options for responses

  • Filter and sort responses
  • Export form responses
  • Delete responses

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